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Introducing the monkey, the man, the music and more.
Take a look behind the mask and look at the eclectic lifestyle enjoyed by the man you may know as Tommy. 


Music is the main love of monkeymans life, and he enjoys live music of all genres. You may have noticed him at Ska & Reggae gigs over the years, but he does like Blues, Rock, Punk
and some Electronic styles from the 70's & 80's.

As well as live music, the Northern soul music scene finally tempted him, if somewhat late in life.
He now enjoys visiting venues who "Keep The Faith" with vinyl dj's & video dj's. As a result monkeyman now maintains a large database of 7" singles of all types of music,
as well as a large selection of cd's.

Add to this, an ever expanding collection of music downloaded from Bandcamp & Pledgemusic etc, his Mp3 collection is now totals several terrabites, much of which he has tagged and catalogued manually, and painstakingly entered into spreadsheets.

Also in his collection is a large number of music DVD's from some of his favourite performers.

      Hopefully as the site develops, it is planned to include some of his favourite album covers, and video and audio clips.

Below is a set of albums from a crew called Black Market.
I listened to a track on bandcamp a couple of years ago, then searched
out, and bought the full album collection.

Listen People, They're
Playing My Tune.

The Specials with their version of monkeyman. Guaranteed to get everyone up and skanking, even old men with one leg have been seen bouncing to this classic.

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